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Air Conditioning & Heating

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Air Conditioning & Heating

In 1983, Hitachi manufactured the world’s first scroll compressor for air conditioning. Today, we continue the legacy of innovation with our highly efficient, best-in-class technology.

No space is the same

From designer hotels, to busy offices and hospitals, each environment has its own unique heating and cooling requirements. Create your ideal indoor climate with our comprehensive range of scroll compressors for air conditioning and VRF systems.
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VRF for reliability and flexibility

Improve comfort and energy efficiency with our large capacity VRF compressors. With advanced gas injection, high-speed motor technology and dynamic oil balance structure, our compressors deliver higher capacities, larger operating ranges and provide designers greater system flexibility.

Product line and capacity range

Choose from our wide variety of products to support your business needs.
Air Conditioning

Product line and capacity range

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Product line and capacity range

Heating Pump

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Systems you can depend on

Hitachi DC inverter compressors deliver superior performance for critical applications in data center and industrial process cooling.


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